Orange Moon Photography - Mindy Sauvageau

I am an artist to nostalgic people who love to keep a record of their history and educator to children holding a degree in Early Childhood Education.  I have had my work featured on blogs and social media.

I love soulful, crazy, quiet, energetic, free individuals and want to help create meaningful images for you to enjoy for the years to come.  We only have one life and you deserve a record of your crazy beautiful life.  Your life matters with even the littlest of connection to people or surroundings.  The simple things are beautiful.  Come and get in the pictures with your loved ones.  Let's capture you in the middle of your busy life and make it fun.

This all started from me wanting to capture my children as they were getting older really quickly about the time we had our youngest of four and our only boy.  It made me realize how quickly life goes.  I just wanted to catch every moment.  I love pictures that show the joy of our life.  For me that is pictures of loved one in beautiful surrounding.

I have educated myself extensively in photography and continue to do so because children find absolute joy in seeing themselves in pictures and it is an honor to provide that.

 A portrait of a boy and his mom smiling at one another.