Six Month Milestone - Fargo Children's Photographer

Being a six month old is just so awesome!

Want to know why?

Six month 's is such a huge milestone and the little one starts to show you a little more of their personality!  It is a great time in the little one's life to get some pictures taken.  They are doing more things such as sitting up and being more engaged in interacting with you.  They love the attention that you give to them and are intrigued with all the little things that you do.  They love to start exploring their environment around them at this time.  It's an exciting time for you as a parent.

I love that at this time this little one had ditched her pacifier and was totally using her thumb.  Something that just is totally adorable about her and a special memory to be had of this moment in her life journey.

 Baby sucking her thumb in window light.
 Baby sitting on the floor in her bedroom sucking her thumb.
 Detail shot of a six month old's mom holding her babies feet.
 Picture of a six month old baby sitting in her nursery.

Three Things to Know About Connection and Detail Photography - Fargo Family Photography

Three Things to Know About Connection and Detail Photography

 Dad holding his baby girl on his shoulder.


Make sure and capture the details of your loved one.  Everyone is unique and has different interests.  So the details such as a lovie for a little one are really precious to remember.  For me some of my children loved their blanket and for others it was a favorite beloved stuffed animal.


When you see that open mouthed laugh in the image you can just hear the laughter.  It brings you back to the moment, holding our babies and loving on them.  It is something tangible that you can hold onto long after your children have grown.


When I take these pictures I give a little direction but I believe for me that children enjoy the session so much better when they can relax and play with you.  You can truly and completely just get lost in spending time with one another and savor the moments.

What is Connection and Detail Photography | Fargo Family Photographer

What is connection and detail photography?

I am sure that others may have a different idea of what I do and possibly call it lifestyle photography for me I like Connection and Details Photography.  Over the last year, I have really explored the kind of pictures that I want to take.  (So many genres to choose from).

When I first started I tried my hand at on location portraits.  Moved on to documentary photography where you are more of an observer.  It wasn't until I arrived at a middle ground where I truly felt at home.  So I have kind of made up my own genre and I call that Connection and Detail Photography.  

 A boy hugging his yorkie dog and looking into the film camera.

It started to all fall into place when, on a whim, I decided to try my hand at film photography.  I wanted to improve with the medium of film, so I took a beginning workshop for film photography.  When we got to the week on black and white film, I was smitten.  To this day the image shown here is one of my absolute favorites and it still resides on my wall.

I love a classic portrait with the details.  Details are important to me because on this journey of life, we are forever changing.  Moments pass to never be experienced in the same exact way again.  The details are important.  We change at an amazing rate.

I also love to see connection between loved ones with a little direction, but as organically as possible.  I feel this is precious and can bring you back to a feeling.  Connection is the heart of the family.  This is where you come in, because everyone has their own unique way that they interact with their loved ones.  It may be a look, laugh, or a touch, and it is all important.

 Mom holding her newborn and gazing into her eyes during a newborn session in Fargo.
 A Dad and his boys laughing and playing during a session in Texas.
 Detail shot of a six month old baby sucking her thumb.

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Tell Me A Story - December in West Fargo 2017

Hard to believe that Christmas has already came and went and now we are headed into a new year.  It has been fun working with this group of talented photographers to share our stories throughout the year.  I hope everyone had a blessed holiday and you will have a fantastic 2018!

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Tell Me A Story - November in Fargo

As the year races by here we are in November already with the turkey already ate.  

The whirlwind of the end of the year is now upon us.  I have gotten caught up in that but it was good to pause and take a moment to capture some pictures in this unseasonably warm weather that we have been having.  What is it that makes you want to pause and remember.  For me, it is our little adventures.

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Baby S Growing Everyday

A rainy day in Fargo with a sweet family for a lifestyle session.

It was great to be asked to join this family again to capture some of their sweet family moments as this little one grows.  Each day this little one is showing more of the sweet girl that she is becoming.  Each day showing more of her little personality.  I think that she maybe will be quite the daddy's girl :)

This little one has the best room that a little girl could ask for!  Her parents did the best job in decorating with the best shade of green to make a place that is just the most comforting and it gets the best light.

Tell Me A Story, September - Fargo Lifestyle Photography 2017

More proof that time flies.

It seems just like yesterday that we brought our last little baby girl home from the hospital and now here we are today taking Senior Pictures.

I am so happy that I took the time to use my favorite film camera to take her senior pictures at a park in West Fargo.  The sun was shining and the wind was blowing like it always does in North Dakota.

I will now open this box with these precious memories inside in the years to come.

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Baby S Starting on Her Life Journey

Such a beautiful time to see a new sweet family made and to be asked to be a part of that!  A love that starts and just continues to grow.  That first year goes fast with so many wondrous changes taking place.  I love the newborn stage where they are just wanting to feel your love, warmth and presence and the adoration that can be found in the parents eyes.


Tell Me A Story July 2017

A little outing to a local West Fargo Park.  It's great to have a little extra time to do some exploring.  Over the Fourth of July weekend we took a little time to explore a waterfall and pond within the park.  I think the thing that was the very best was discovering that there was a family of ducks living in the reeds on the pond and seeing the reaction of the dog and my son to them.  

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Tell Me A Story for June

Before we know it summer will be over and it will be back to school.  I think of school just getting out as I write this because my guy brought sunflower seeds home from school to grow.  Last year his seed got dumped in his backpack and we weren't able to save it.  This summer however I am determined that these little seeds will grow.  It is such a fun activity that can span the length of summer and be a season for you to enjoy an activity that you can do together that brings joy.

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To All The Superhero Dads!

To all the superhero dads happy Father's Day!

Life is so crazy busy with work, activities and everyday chores.  Everything you do to keep the wheels turning is so appreciated.  

Let your superhero cape fly and have fun with your family.  Laugh, play games, and relax in your favorite chair!


If you would enjoy doing an activity with your favorite superhero dad and let him bust out his superhero moves with the kids.  Contact me here and let's plan a fun family session in the Fargo - Moorhead area or a location of your choice. 

Tell Me A Story, April - Fargo Family Photographer

This month has been a roller coaster of weather.  We had been having a beautiful glorious sun warming your face kind of spring weather and then we got some down in the dumps wet soggy snow.  Needless to say, I would like to hold onto the fun of these two with bubbles instead of thinking of the white stuff.  Our pup just goes so wild with leaping through the air catching the bubbles.  It is quite the scene to watch!

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Birthday Celebration - Fargo Photography

Tell Me A Story - February 2017

It is hard to believe that it has already been a year.  It is so amazing how such a little tiny life can weave their way into every little aspect of your life.  She has helped mend broken hearts, been a playmate, a snuggle buddy and a travel companion.  And also don't forget she is a constant source of amusement.  She loves the attention that she is paid in return for being all these things to us and as she was celebrated she seemed to relish her moment in the sun!

When we brought her home and picked her up at the airport.

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Explore Lifestyle Photography on Film

Lifestyle Photography on Film - Tell Me A Story Jan. 2017

I took these images while following an assignment from a workshop.  For the most part we were using digital for the captures but I took some with film.  It just solidified why I love film so much.  Maybe it has to do with how my childhood was captured but even more so the delicious look of film and holding on to history.  I know for sure I am a nostalgic person.

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Making His Santa Letter

Tell Me a Story - December 2016

Time to bring a close to 2016 and bring in a new year!  It has been fun continuing on with this talented group telling our monthly stories.  This year instead of going to see Santa we opted to write him a letter.  Their are many awesome letters to be found on Pinterest that are great and people who are sharing their talents in making them.  Check them out it was fun to find the perfect Santa letter to be sent.

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