Tell Me A Story - July 2018

I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer.  Summer is a time for adventure and memory making.  Do you have any traditions during the summer that you share with family every year?  If not then why not start one?  It can be as simple as making a frozen treat to share with your littles.  Ice cream bars and popsicles are a favorite around here.

After the adventures, summer is also a time for relaxing and taking a break.  What  is your favorite place to do that?  Perhaps it is at the lake or a cozy chair in the A/C.  However you spend your summer I hope you are having a great one and that you are documenting those moments.

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Tell Me A Story - June 2018

Summertime beginnings

I always love when summer rolls around again with sunny skies and warm wind.  It also is a time for family adventures and creating memories.  The feeling of shifting sand under your feet and the slightly sticky feel of sunscreen.  I have so many deep memories of summertime!

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Tell Me A Story - April, 2018

Getting out on location in Fargo


It is so great to finally have the warmth of Spring!  At times it started to feel like it was never going to stop snowing.

I have been waiting for this opportunity to get outside on location and create something that was just for me.  In the process, I have realized that I love film and digital photography for different reasons.  It has to do with the vision that I have with the images that I take and sometimes the tool that works best is film and sometimes it is digital.

I hope you follow me and walk along with me on this journey of creating with digital and film.

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These Pictures Are For You

My friends in Fargo,

Having three grown children myself I know it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day.  It goes by in a haze so I have really enjoyed having taken pictures over the years so that I can return to those times when I have some quiet time.  It is a blast to go back and look at those images and see the cute little things that my children did and the way that they moved, (did they have a cute little dance that only they did?) the clothing that they wore.  I particularly love the flood of memories that come back when you are viewing those images.  It can really take you back to the moment.

If you feel taking pictures is a little out of your reach don’t forget you can take some time and save up.

Give yourself a gift as you deserve it!  After all we only have one life.




Display Those Pictures

Display your film pictures

Be sure to display those pictures and not let them get lost in the drawer, or on your computer. After all, you took the time to get them taken.

Not sure what to do with them?  There is so many fun things you can do!  You can use them on the nightstand, a coffee table, or on the wall to complement other decor items in your house, above your sofa.  Classic black-and-white images are a great way to go, with any type of home decor.

Having pictures of my loved ones is my favorite form of home decor.

Pictures are also a great way to stay connected to love ones that don’t live near you.  Of course, you can have them displayed on your cell phone, but it’s great to also have them in your home, and in your every day life.

Kids Grow So Quickly | Children's Portraits West Fargo

I know it sounds so Cliché to say kids grow so quickly but they really do.  When they’re little time passes so quickly because every day we are in the thick of things and immersed in the every day care of their needs, it goes in the blink of an eye.  You were washing Cheerios out of hair, washing bottles, changing clothes, reading books, giving a bath, tucking into bed and so much more!

I know it is a busy time but anytime truly is the best time to get pictures taken.  It doesn’t matter if things aren’t perfect or don’t feel perfect but your family is perfect!  In the future you’ll be happy that you did get them taken.

I would say anytime is a good time to take pictures, especially when you see them doing a new thing, such as instead of taking a pacifier they suck their thumb.  These are the moments that you don’t want to miss. Their personalities and interests change rapidly.



Show Your Love | Fargo North Dakota Photography

Classic portraits are the cat's meow but I also really love those moments where you are connecting and cuddling your loved one.  These are the moments to hold in your heart when your child is younger and you’re cuddling them in your arms and you are there world.  This time passes so quickly so it is great to have a tangible memory in front of you so you can remember that feeling and take yourself back in time.  Connection and love are one of the best gifts you can give to someone.

Create some heirlooms and give a treasured gift to your love ones for the future.  And share with others where you are right now.

Not Always Looking At The Camera | Fargo Lifestyle Portraits

 Lifestyle portrait of a couple with their golden retriever.

I know often times we strive for that picture  where you are looking into the camera.  My absolute favorites and I hope yours are too are the ones where you share a precious moment with your loved one, where you are looking at each other and enjoying each other‘s company and there’s huge smiles abounding.

For really wiggly children, not having to be looking at the camera really helps as there is not so much expectation for them to sit still and totally make eye contact with the camera.  Some children just aren’t comfortable doing that.  And it is all about enjoying your time together and everyone having fun.

Beauty in the Imperfect | Portrait Photography Fargo

 Boy holding his yorkie puppy.

Oh goodness, I cannot even tell you how much I love a classic black-and-white portrait.  Come into the studio, so you can be totally relaxed, and don’t worry about getting that perfect "looking at the camera" picture.  There is so much beauty in your family’s faces already, that the perfect picture really already exists. 
Can I also say, it truly is OK that your little one is wiggly, for those times when they are in motion and you are just loving on them produce some of the best moments of love and connection?  Stop and just soak your loved one in.  Etch out some time just for you to be together.

Capture Who Your Child Is | Fargo-Moorhead Photographer

Who is your Child?

Is your child shy, or bold and energetic!  Every child is unique and has his or her own little personality.  I have three grown children and it is amazing how fast they grow.  That first year goes by in a blink of an eye.  I took pictures of one of my children every month of that first year.  When you are in the thick of things in that first year taking care of all of their needs you don’t realize how much they change each month.
I am so glad that I took those pictures in that first year.  You can see even in those first pictures the adult they are going to be when they are grown.  Don’t miss a minute and take advantage of that first year, get those pictures done 😊 Your mommy heart will be happy you did.
Pictures are also perfect at any time to get of those big kids too.

The Beauty of Unposed Pictures | Fargo-Moorhead Family Photography

 Image of a mom holding her babies feet.

Children Love to Move and That's the Beauty

The amount of time that a child will stay on task is not very long so, therefore, letting them have more freedom during a session is great.  I like to get my subjects in place and then just let them do their thing because those poses are just the cutest and most natural. By doing it this way you allow the child to show their most unique personality and letting them incorporate some of their own unique movements.

Kids love showing you who they are so why not let them.  These can become some of your most treasured shots and pictures that your children will love to have and show to their children.  In the future when their children ask, "What did you look like as a kid"?.  What things did you like to do?

It is like providing your children with a story which they love.

 Profile portrait of a boy smiling and being silly.

The Art of Relaxed Portraits | Children's Portrait Photography Fargo

 Portrait of mom and son hugging.

I would like to tell you the story of how I like to take portraits.  To get relaxed portraits, I think that it starts with literally just having fun.  When you are in for pictures lets just hang out for a bit and let the little ones explore their environment.  You will begin to see in their body language when they are ready to venture out a bit.  Some children are ready right away but then others will take a little time and stay close to their parents.  I really do encourage that you bring an item that they love with them as it is a source of comfort.  Sometimes singing or bringing a book occupies them and they relax.

This is when you can begin to do the work and get many expressions.  I just want you to hang out and enjoy your time together.  I love big smiles and soulful looks where the child just looks into the camera.  A beautiful classic relaxed portrait is where it is at.

I shared my story of taking relaxed portraits and I hope you will join Beth as she has a share for you this month.  Once a month I join other photographers to share our journey.

Never Say Cheese | Fargo Portrait Photographer

Ok maybe that's a little drastic but really not saying cheese has it's benefits.  Let's look at it.

Food for thought:

How often have you had your children say cheese only to get some ridiculous monster face?  You know they just can't resist right?  It is funny but doesn't always make for the portrait you are looking for.

I find that children are much more likely to give you the kind of smiles that you want by having a simple conversation with them about their most favorite activity in the world.  Such as their favorite day at the park.  I also find that they are just beyond happy to share their most precious lovie in the world.  Whether that be a blanket or a stuffed animal.  It makes for some very adorable pictures as they cuddle their most prized possession in the world.

I love smiles too but what really makes my heart go pitter patter is a picture that seems to pier into the subjects soul.



Six Month Milestone - Fargo Children's Photographer

Being a six month old is just so awesome!

Want to know why?

Six month 's is such a huge milestone and the little one starts to show you a little more of their personality!  It is a great time in the little one's life to get some pictures taken.  They are doing more things such as sitting up and being more engaged in interacting with you.  They love the attention that you give to them and are intrigued with all the little things that you do.  They love to start exploring their environment around them at this time.  It's an exciting time for you as a parent.

I love that at this time this little one had ditched her pacifier and was totally using her thumb.  Something that just is totally adorable about her and a special memory to be had of this moment in her life journey.

 Baby sucking her thumb in window light.
 Baby sitting on the floor in her bedroom sucking her thumb.
 Detail shot of a six month old's mom holding her babies feet.
 Picture of a six month old baby sitting in her nursery.